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hello business academy.

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pass the post-it notes.

Tired of spending your hard earned cash on courses or memberships that are not relevant, sucky, or that you never finish or use? Would you believe me if I said that you are just a couple of post-it notes away from that business-life blueprint you've been craving?

Whether you’re a start-up, side-hustlin, or onto business number two; Hello Business Academy is designed for every chapter of your entrepreneurial story. 

let's skip the small talk.


you won't find any of that "hustle now sleep later, make 6 figures in 90 days" crap here. If you're ready to do the work needed take your existing business from average to exceptional, or go from start-up to CEO - then you are in the right place!

You want to know the basics. The sumptuous secrets. The awkward stuff that nobody talks about. And, you’d rather hear it from business owners with profitable businesses, than try to figure it out on your own!

Women who are kind, fierce and brave enough to exchange business stories, tools, resources - or perhaps even share the odd business fail?

you want a roadmap to

with a focus on planning, processes and (of course) profit as well as a strong and intentional emphasis on keeping things simple - you are equipped with the framework, skills, resources, learning and support, to ensure that your business is not only growing; but is increasingly profitable from one month to the next.




we see success stories within the academy every day!

there's no magic formula that'll make you your millions babe. It takes a shit-ton of hustle and heart, a supportive community, a well thought out strategy (aka plan), tried-and-tested tools and resources (and of course the occasional f* bomb) to have your dreams become a reality.

Yup, I made all the rookie mistakes. Destroyed countless notebooks; downloaded all the apps and created lists for my lists! The result? I overcommitted and underachieved.Now I'm scheduled up to two years in advance, and smitten with my life and business plan!


meet the founder.

I'm Ashley Knight A multi-passionate entrepreneur, mentor, community builder, people connector, and founder of the Hello Business Academy.

I’m also an avid coffee and gin enthusiast; novice minimalist, bullet journaler & self-confessed planning queen.
 Told you I was multi-passionate!

My dream, is for you to have a profitable business; AND the freedom and the time you crave, to live a life that you are crazy about.

this planning strategy is 10 years in the making. crafted and fine tuned to perfection by me...for you.


who is hello business perfect for?

the hello business academy is about business, and kindred spirits. Women choosing to live a better life, and build a business we love.

She's sort of like Snow White meets Joan of Arc.  Kind and gentle-natured.  Fierce in loyalty, love and business.  The hero of her own story; wielding courage and a brave spirit, as she turns her life and business dreams into reality.


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